It’s 2020 right smack in the middle of protests against police brutality, Black Lives Matters, and a Pandemic. I feel like I have wasted 20 years of my life encourage change and justice for all. Yes I find myself being blinded sided by those that don’t want to wear a masks (mostly white folks), and those afraid of trump but haven’t been working on issues as it related to Black people or injustices in this country.

All the people I have tried to connect to over the years to do something positive in our communities but wouldn’t because I didn’t have money, are attacking me because I refuse to vote the way they want me to. I refuse to vote their way way because simply the current system is corrupt. I have decided to protect myself.

I will continue to use culture to encourage those that want encourage despite where they come from and willing to build a community of compassion.

Community Against Hate / Poetic Recovery.