Written by Administrator on Wednesday October 14, 2020

Mack Writtens is an author that is dedicated to producing relatable and impactful stories across all sub-genres of fiction that feature black and brown characters. 

Mack is the author of two books



UNAPOLOGETIC PHOTOSYNTHETIC is a written celebration of black women across the diaspora, of every shade, language and culture. Mack Writtens has comprised a collection of short stories, poems, and testimonies from him and other voices in the black male community. The book ultimately serves as a collective thank you for the lasting impact they leave on all of our hearts. Buy and review on Amazon UNAPOLOGETIC PHOTOSYNTHETIC

RUCKLE CITY is a full-length story that follows the wild night where three siblings find themselves during the invisibility of COVID-19 and the hypervisibility of police brutality. IT'S A SHUTDOWN BUT WE CAN'T SHUT UP! Buy and review on Amazon RUCKLE CITY

Lens God: Visionary Acts Actress: Qualina Lewis as AUNT SOPHOS Cover Muse: Ciera L. Jennings as SAPPHIRE Drop a