Written by Administrator on Wednesday October 14, 2020

Out of the pain comes Verbal Medics/ It can turn to love if we let it/
To hate because were hated on/ Is a spiritual alarm/
To wakes to an emergency/
A spiritual and mental urgency/
That too many are hopeless/
I took a chance and I wrote this/
I been down I been out/
I stand for the next bout/
I got wiser and stronger/
Not bitter any longer/
this fight ain’t easy/
the responsibility/
Of healing lost soul/
in ink or charcoal/
Seeing my dad hurt many/
The system hurt plenty/
gangs and cops shooting at Will/
Shooting to kill/
Many lay down and stay/
I’m in a prone position every day/
Looking for social cover/
I can’t hide my color/
While so many jump off humanities bridge/
Into isolation consumed by pigs/
my love is a net that catches soul/
For repair and give em a goal/
To reconnect and rebuild/
A community is love fulfilled/
Shaped for every being on earth/
How we respond is a test of our worth/
I’m a rise and be mommas legacy/
Her life’s struggle is begging me/
To call out the patriarchs/
That poisons the souls of the matriarch/
With lied and physical abuse/
It’s just the noose/
It’s the wounded man that dwells/
Within these 4 walls turning a house to hell/
You can wound but you can’t kill/
My blood is my moms/
I chose to heal/
And love my sisters and be a brother/
I got pause and return to my dying mother/
To be a son I couldn’t be/
Blinded by rage I couldn’t see/
I’m number 4 and ment to be/
CherishEd, to set my soul free/
Help me get home and back please