Our Community building program comes out of the reality that we need monthly donors to truly make Poetic Recovery a sustainable event/program. I’m asking donors to donate $5 -$10 a month. We have had some great growth and we would like for the growth to continue. One of our growth was the addition of our radio show to promote artists with good messages for free to have a place where people in all aspects of recovery can have a place to come and listen to good messages which supports healthy thinking.

In a time where Black culture especially Hip Hop has been appropriated, exploited, and used to promote negative messages. Poetic Recovery is needed to give conscious artists, artists in recovery people a platform to speak their own mind, and a place where people from all backgrounds can come together in an alcohol ans drug free space. Please go to our gofundme page and help spread the goodness. Our Community building program if a testimony to the world that Poetic Recovery Open Mics is having success you can read about us in the Hampshire Gazette . Despite all the negatives rhetoric and experiences we have in society Poetic Recovery is positive action through culture.