Poetic Hope

Writing in the shadows.

Maurice Taylor, is my name, well that was what I was born until it wasn’t and until I changed it back at 13. This is a journey that I have been working to bring you on for years a post at a time. I wish I could tell you that a silver spoon was the tool use to nourish my passion, it was not. Hatred, Justice, and being heard is my motivating factor. The voices of many children along with mine need to be heard and action must be taken to protect them and heal us.

I wish I can get you to stay long enough so you can learn or at least be aware of the dangers your family face from a system lead by callous and hateful people who care nothing about the children in your family or your friends family. In 2018 the Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump found so much rape and other forms of injury to children in the DCF system which went unknown to the DCF knowledge.  I aim to organize every day people to hold DCF and the state accountable, while creating a path to healing using poetry.

In my 2nd foster home is where my first memories of writing are solidified. In a room on the 2nd floor facing the streets is where I use to tear the empty pages out of the back of books and write to escape the feeling of hopelessness under the cover of midday shadows and in the night of abuse, and in the confines of a wayward foster care system.  

I have yet to these experiences useful, but here is yet another time, yet another attempt I seek to change society by shining light on abuse in the foster care system and other injustices .

My memories are a time machine I frequently use to visit the child I was. He was scared of the future with little guidance to success, in fact most of my time was spent in resentment from my family being taken away. As I witness myself doing my best to prepare for tomorrow, I can see weary on my face, fear gripping my skin, but nothing stole my determination.  

Still with fear but with more courage than before I push forward with a bit more faith due to meeting people who truly care and respect the sincere struggle of others navigating trauma of being abused in many ways. I found writing and reading my experience bring a freeing experience for the moment and I use it frequently. I suppose you can say this is my drug, and I will O.D on this literary bridge of freedom where I put a mic stand and a speaker for others to break free yet for a moment if not more.

Poetic Journey

I hope this journey encourages you to take your own poetic journey. We all connect with our inner selves at different paces and in different ways. Some of try things that feel good and become addictive behaviors and we end up being destroyed and have to learn who we are all over again.

Once the addictive behavior or any major set back interrupts the journey it must be started over again. I will take you on my spiritual journey and post poetry and go tell stories about my poetry.

Periodically you will see me post links to other artists in the Community Against Hate network that have decided to take the journey, as well as allied artists in community building, and organizations such as Hip Hop congress.