Poetic Recovery 



Created by Maurice “Soulfighter” Taylor set out in 2006, as a platform to give voice to artist in recovery. Poetic Recovery Is a collection of Open Mics that facilitate the educating and nurturing of artists in recovery towards a higher consciousness. Its activities connect artists and audiences through Open Mics, Online Radio, and Workshops to nurture the ability to recover their inner cultural selves and personalities in a cultural space that support cultural expression of awareness.

In 2018 Hip Hop Congress recognized  Poetic Recovery as a viable platform for artists to be heard and a way to bring culture back to our communities and the artists. We live in a society that denies many of us the knowledge of our ancestral culture spiritually, physically, and psychologically.  Poetic Recovery reconnects us to that if we are willing to take the Poetic journey and find our way together.

Activities of Poetic Recovery.

Activities of Poetic Recovery that facilitate the educating and nurturing of artists towards a higher consciousness.

1: Peace Poetry: After school 6 week workshop for Elementary to High school.

2: Open Mics: Community oriented in the first 2 hours and changes to adult only with a break so people can express themselves.

3: Workshops that takes us down an introspective journey and allows us to question our connection to our environment and answer those questions.

4: Performances which comes after much practice.

5: Poetic Recovery writing, readings. and performances for those who love to recovery and express themselves.

6: Workshop for inmates to recovery and discover who they are.

7: Digital and analogue networking to share information for the purpose of educating artists and audiences so we can build more cultural intellectual communities.


Sponsorship ensures the open mics continue and that we can give voice to local artists.

All Donations amounts are mostly 

  • $50 get your logo on fliers,
  • $100 logo on fliers and sponsor page,
  • $300 logo on flier, Sponsor page with link.                                                              
  • $1000 logo on fliers,logo on flier, Sponsor page with link, direct add placement in video. 


2nd Saturday @ Make It Springfield at 168 Worthington st Springfield.
3rd Saturday @ Hope For Holyoke at 100 Suffolk st Holyoke, Ma
4th Saturday Flywheel @ 43 Main st Easthampton, Ma

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